Ioanna Lazarou

Idealist and Visionary

America, America (English Version)

‘Αρθρο της Ίωάννας Λαζάρου – Πρόεδρος του Hellenic Diaspora Group

Oh, America, America; Everyone referred to you as a magical country. However, nowadays they turned you into a tragic one…

You are a superpower, a country that welcomed millions of people and made the dream of every student from all over the world come true. Entrepreneurs, academics, all came here for the American dream … Good universities, great jobs, huge salaries, and fame right away. And all these led to expensive mansions, cars, and a luxurious life. Even for the average worker, the quality of life was great. Everyone, with no exceptions, wanted to come to America. It was easy to create a business, to find a job in any state, and choose how you want to live. You could always find a job, and you would not be unemployed… All these until recently.

There are two political parties here, not a hundred like in Greece. However, there has always been an extreme rivalry between them. On one hand, the Republicans, old-fashioned patriots, having principles based on family above everything else; always present in church every Sunday, with tennis and barbecue, faithful to the homeland. On the other hand, the Democrats, who have always been pro-war, independent, in favor of oligarchy, who wanted to dismantle the system of patriotism and pursued an anarchist society. They have been trying to ruin everything for more than 60 years. But let’s get things from the beginning…

Their first goal was to ruin the family. A new term came up from TV, the so-called «family counseling», that is counseling for the safety of children and on how they rebel against their family. A child was even able to sue their parents because they just didn’t enjoy the cohabitation with them.

Then, homosexuality ensued. People addicted to their passions began to feel free in a society that supposedly did not accept them, a puritanical society. But this was a game that no one understood. Why did so many organizations in favor of gay, asexual, etc emerge? People who have a specific sexual orientation are not to be exposed to parades or TV shows, their life is not a show.

Then there were the rights for abortions by teenager girls, fifteen-year-old children to have a say in abortion … Along with all this, the disease of AIDS began, drugs opened for everyone and they became freer; Wars for fake purposes, disabled soldiers returning to America with their legs amputated and not knowing the reason they fought. Much has been written by various activists, including Michael Moore. Here you can watch the documentary: They stood up to tell the truth to everyone. “We fought for their oil and domination. They gave us drugs to fight the enemy. But who was the enemy? The only thing we found there were old people, and children, who looked at us and wondered why we want to kill them “.

And then the big trades started: Trafficking, organs, child abuse … I put the link of another documentary for you to see the truth, and maybe this way you will understand what is happening beyond the manipulated media https: // 2806s.  All these are just for the people of the elite or the country leaders involved to make money. And many more…

In the last elections, the Republicans have decided to nominate, as their own representative for the office, someone who could not be manipulated by wealth: Trump. The military took over and not the politicians, because, after all the above, the situation could not go on. They did not know what else to do to bring the country back to the principles and structures on which it was built, and any other country could follow. They relied on this model to achieve purification of all this corrupted system, which unfortunately has been rooted in 150 countries. I read comments for Trump, such as “He is an idiot, a moron, etc”, written by Greeks. They are mimicking whatever the corrupted media serve them, paid by the elite of the Democrats. I cannot understand, how an idiot can have hundreds of millions. How did he achieve that? And you, the smart ones, have not managed to do something similar. I would like to see the balance of your bank account. How naïve they are… The president who is elected gets 400 thousand a year and asked this money to be given to charities, schools, renovation, and maintenance of monuments. I have not seen anyone in the Greek parliament give a single euro for any cause. Now, determine again who the stupid man is…

In the elections’ year they “created” a pandemic, of a more severe flu, for their own purpose. Lots of money changing hands and a pilot program of power takes place. I watch with great interest the tricks that occur in the name of the pandemic. After a while, they wanted to take it to extremes. When the Republicans started the clearance and stopped funding the WHO while they undertook the Federal Reserve, the fight started in the name of an accident. It is a common phenomenon for the police to arrest drug addicts and thieves in America and many incidents end badly, but no one ever protested. For their only political reasons, they organized a funeral as if a president had died. And then the catastrophic riots started. They funded Antifa club and every addicted child with $ 50 an hour to damage and create chaos in the country by destroying peoples’ property and all the media blamed Trump as being responsible.


I would like to clarify something that not many people outside of America are aware of: here, the states have governors and mayors with great power, and especially if they belong to the opposite elected party there is a great deal of unrest. So, in any state where there were Democratic governors, things went awry to show the world the incompetence of the president; Because most of the people do not think and just accept anything given to them by the media. They have better things to do than put their mind to work; Facebook, games, selfies … Because along with the deterioration of everything, the internet entered our lives.

So, people did not understand the game being played, they just listened that Trump was responsible for so many cases. They did not hear him say from the first moment that it was a hoax. They did not hear him say “since you believe it is true, fine, shut everything down”. But the governors refused because they wanted to spread terrorism, and after destroying everything, the Republicans tried to help the people who lost their jobs. They financed the companies that collapsed and started giving as much as $ 1,200 a month. At one point they wanted to give $ 2,000, but the Democrats reacted by saying, “Yes, we will co-sign, but you will fund us to rebuild the damaged states and to win the election.” And the next question is: since you (the democrats) have destroyed them, why should the unemployed citizens who pay their taxes also pay for the rebuilt? And we have reached ground zero. 80% of businesses have closed. Crime in some states has increased by 340%. People in New York are moving to save their lives. And as the elections approach there is a crazy flow of events.

I want to make clear that I am not “a fan of Trump”, but I understand and realize what is going on, what is hidden behind.. And the Greeks should do the same, as they are constantly forced to watch rubbish shows on the TV, given widely  by the media, without seeing that they are lured into a trap. The Turks are at the gates. I predict a second invasion like Cyprus. After that, Tsamuria follows, they have already prepared it. Our Macedonia has been lost; in a short period of time we will not know which our homeland is … After all, Trump is fighting for his homeland, to get it out of the darkness. What do our politicians do? What the Democrats are doing: they are working on the plan of the new world order.

All this, my dear friends, is a pilot program, wake up before it’s too late, because I see all of us in front of a screen, trying to live another life. And let’s see who will endure all these … Do you want us to be captives of the oligarchs? I do not, I want to live free, and I know many of you who want it too. Come and join our small forces.

Strength in numbers.