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Idealist and Visionary

Letter from Hellenic Diaspora Group To the Belgium Member of Parliament Dries Van Langenhove

‘Αρθρο της Ίωάννας Λαζάρου – Πρόεδρος του Hellenic Diaspora Group

Letter of Agony To Dries Van Langenhove, Honorable Member of Parliament

Dear MP,

Throughout your career, you have exerted dauntless efforts towards the noble cause of asserting the right of peoples and nations to not only have their autonomy and national identity recognized, but also their right and indeed the necessity to take steps to protect their sovereignty.

These timely and necessary efforts of yours are well known and applauded by all peoples of patriotic fervor who love their national identity and culture. It is this admirable reputation of yours, that encourages me to address you this letter, as from one patriot to another, detailing the infringement of these ideals you and I share in common with millions of others. 

The Appropriation Of Greek History And Identity By “Northern Macedonia”

The terms “Macedonia” and “Macedonians” in their true and original meaning, refer to a region in Greece, and an identity that is wholly Greek, and not that of any other country. The Macedonian heritage is also a part of Greek heritage, to which it solely belongs. Recorded history is clear on this.

It is in this light that the attempts by a non-Hellenistic people, without any cultural affiliation to Greek identity or heritage, to appropriate the Macedonian identity and heritage become more insulting and egregious. They call themselves Macedonians and attempt to falsely revise Macedonian history as a heritage they have a claim to. This is seen in the manner they erect statues of Alexander the Great in their prominent places like he was one of them and freely make use of symbols that are uniquely Greek and are important to Greeks as representative of their heritage and culture.

This flagrant theft of the components of Greek heritage has caused much concern and distress to true Greeks. The tension between the two countries has risen to high levels due to the other country refusing to stop their unmerited use of Greek heritage. In an inadequate attempt to clear things up, the government of Greece and that of the other country reached an agreement that is deeply unfair to the true Macedonian people in Greece. Under this agreement, the other country was only required to modify their claimed name from Macedonia to Northern Macedonia to distinguish them from the Macedonian people of Greece. The agreement was also undeservedly soft on their use of components unique to Grecian heritage.

Dear MP, you will agree this was not the way to go, and the end agreement remains deeply unfair, and as such unacceptable to all patriots and true Greeks. The ideal resolution would have been for the other country to totally drop all pretense to Greek heritage and identity since they are not, and have not expressed any desire to be part of the Greek homeland. It is my fervent hope that you will use your good office to create awareness and push for a fairer and more respectable resolution that better respects the sovereign rights of the Greek people.

Turkey aiding a large scale Muslim invasion of Greece

Large scale immigration remains a problem all over Europe. An issue you have consistently spoken out against. My dear homeland Greece, like a number of other countries, struggles under the social weight of this problem. Not only is our social composition and the identity of my country being adversely affected, but it also has profound economic and security implications in my beloved nation.

A key agent contributing to this problem is Turkey. It is also a deliberate and malicious policy on their part to push a large wave of migrants, especially Muslim migrants over to my homeland. A strong reason behind their actions may be to engender instability do different dimensions in my homeland. To quote a former prime minister of theirs, Turgut Özal, “we do not need to make war with Greece, we just need to send them a few million illegal immigrants and finish with them”. Currently, in a huge part due to Turkey’s passive and active assistance, the Muslim immigrant population in Greece has shot up to around an estimated 12-15 percent of the population. This has placed a severe strain on my country, and I would like you to use your office and position towards helping us address this.

Turkey aggression regarding Greek islands

Turkey not content with pushing the migrant wave towards my homeland, still actively seeks to subvert and sabotage her in other ways. One of these is the aggressive moves Turkey has launched towards my country regarding a number of islands in the Aegean Sea. These islands belong to Greece by right, but Turkey still casts envious eyes towards these parts of the Greek homeland. It would be very much appreciated if you joined your efforts to the cause of promoting Greek sovereignty over her islands.

Dear MP, there are other issues that affect my homeland, which run contrary to our shared patriotic ideals. However, these are the most pressing that require your aid. As a native Greek, who had to live abroad in the US, due to the crisis affecting my beloved Greece, I look forward to your examination of this letter and your valuable assistance towards the patriotic cause for Greece. I would also greatly appreciate it if you used your position to ensure the wider spread of this message to all those who love their country, as this is the way that I try to do my part for the good of the motherland, Greece.                                                                 

I am a Greek Patriotic Soul


Ioanna Lazarou
President of Hellenic Diaspora Group